Wireless Solutions
Tunnel Type Public Safety Broadcast Repeater Equipment
Product Name FM+DMB+Emergency Broadcast Repeater Equipment Installation
Tunnel/ Underground
Output Power DMB: 26dBm/2CH, FM: 26dBm/40CH Wireless Service DMB, FM
Service Band/Q'ty 2Band DETAIL
Due to the particularities in underground area, such as tunnel, it is unable to reduce shaded areas only by transmitting station. In this case, the tunnel type public safety broadcast repeater equipment can provide good quality of ground wave DMB service and FM radio broadcasting service in underground area.

This equipment can simultaneously offer service to multiple tunnels through optical module by establishing an antenna. In this case, it is possible to control and communicate with the equipment of a contiguous tunnel.

- Assembled as 19” Rack Type and offer convenience of A/S
- Offer AGC function and can set up AGC ON/OFF
- Can control and communicate with contiguous tunnel.
- Can provide service by using the signal of a contiguous tunnel and transmit signal to an adjacent tunnel.
- Can expand service by using Remote Unit.
- Can provide an emergency broadcasting through FM, DMB channel.
- An emergency broadcasting provide direct comment broadcasting, USB recorded file broadcasting, calling broadcasting through internal memory.
- Can monitor input and output of FM Radio broadcasting quality.
- Support FM 40CH and DMB 2CH channel.