Wireless Solutions
Large DMB Optic Repeater
Product Name Large DMB Optic Repeater Installation
Output Power 60W/Total(30W/CH, 2CH/MAX) Wireless Service T-DMB
Service Band/Q'ty 2CH/MAX DETAIL
Large DMB optic repeater is needed to install such as subway because it is difficult to solve a poor wireless solution due to underground section. This repeater provides high quality DMB service in the underground.
This system provides a service to various stations simultaneously through the optical module with antenna installed. In addition, it can communicate and control with near station as well.
- 19 "Rack type assembly and easy maintenance supported
- AGC function and AGC ON / OFF configuration supported
- Shutdown function with ON / OFF configuration
- Ability to communicate and control to near station
- Providing a service by using signals of near station and transmits signals to near station
- Capability to extend service by using remote unit
- Coverage: whole 1 subway station
- When some modules are abnormal, switchover automatically through dualization of PSU.