Wireless Solutions
ELMO(DAS System)
Product Name ELMO Installation
Output Power 10W/40W Wireless Service WCDMA, FD-LTE, TD-LTE, WiBro
Service Band/Q'ty DETAIL
ELMO (Enhanced LTE Multiband Optic Repeater) is a DAS system that improves wireless environment including non-coverage area. Service type is WCDMA, FD-LTE, TD-LTE and WiBro as a single device, this system provides 5Band/1Sector and improves network design and infrastructure of operators.
- Efficient evolution and cloud considering MHU installation in BTS
- Simple device considering in-building operation
- Minimization of changes when changing base station interface (RF / IF / CPRI / Digital IQ / etc.)
- Optimization of transmission capacity between devices
- Optimization of heat structure
- Module type for maintenance and operation convenience
- F / W upgrade of the system (remote download).