Title [Today's CEO at ET News] FRTek CEO, "The World's First 5G Optical Repeater to Challenge the Global Market" FRTEK    2019-02-13
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[Today's CEO at ET News]

FRTek CEO, "The World's First 5G Optical Repeater 

to Challenge the Global Market"



 February 2019









"With the world's first 5G mobile optical repeater, we will create a new breakthrough in the early 5G markets of the US and Japan as well

as South Korea.“


Mr. Nahm, The FRTek CEO, said that 5G will be a momentum(turning point) to overcome the downturn of the repeater market.

He said, "Due to the fact that 5G has high band characteristics, the demand for in-building DAS type repeaters will expand in order to

secure coverage." Also, he confidently said, "FRTek developed the 5G optical repeater with KT for the first time in the world, and

successfully demonstrated it at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. This achievement provides FRTek with a chance to become

the first-mover in this market."

FRTek established a distinguished position in the 2G era by developing 2G reception diversity repeaters. However, it was difficult to avoid

the crisis of the LTE era. Operators replaced repeaters with remote transmission equipment(RRH), securing network coverage,

which caused sharply decreasing demand for repeaters.

"At that moment, survival was the highest goal, but we did not give up on best quality and technical development," he said. "The new

opportunity for 5G market is opening now."



FRTek will complete the development of the 3.5GHz optical repeater soon and start mass production. As for 3.5GHz RF repeaters and

28GHz band optical RF repeaters, they are already under pre-developing process.


"This year we will take a second leap from our last poor performance that was due to market crisis," he said. "We will establish 5G in the

domestic market, and also  challenge the US, Japan and Vietnam markets as well.”


South Korea will commercialize 5G smartphones in March following the commercialization of the world's first 5G in December of last year. He believes that building a stable 5G optical repeater through the world's first network will be enough to become a global market


Mr. Nahm founded FRTek in 2000 after his experience in KT. As a mid-sized venture businessman of 20 years experience, he was concerned with the telecommunication industry policy of South Korean government.

"If the government continues to control communication charges and profits, operators cannot help but consider cost reduction,

which gives a negative influence on partner companies," he said. "I hope that the government think about policies inducing that operators make a 5G investment at an appropriate amount."


Lastly, Nahm said, "It is a business philosophy and vision to offer happiness to customers through products and service. It is also an

important management goal to support and train individual employees into top experts through talent management."


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